Sicily: Wind-power installation works

December 27, 2022

The company Gruppo HOPE srl requested a state-owned maritime concession for a period of 30 years for the construction of an offshore wind farm.
The plant will consist of 45 wind generators of 15 MW each installed on tubular steel towers with floating foundations and will therefore have a nominal power of 675 MW. The project is located in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Malta Channel, indicatively in the stretch of sea in front of Pozzallo (RG), at a distance of 23 km from the coast. The energy produced will be collected in an off-shore electrical station which will transform the electrical energy from 66 kV to 400 kV for transfer to a landing point near the port of Pozzallo (RG) and then from here to a green hydrogen production plant and to the Grid of National Transmission (RTN).

Source:  TED-Europa