Indian plans for green hydrogen industry

December 27, 2022

Indian industry uses 5 million tonnes of grey hydrogen a year, the cost of which has recently risen to around 200 rupees. Although the cost of green hydrogen is not yet competitive, many countries are starting to incentivize its production.
Large Indian companies have already begun to take an interest in its production and the Indian government expects an investment of 8 trillion rupees by 2030 by the industry in this sector and also in the production of green ammonia. For this reason, the government seems willing to grant 180 billion rupees of inventions with the aim of reducing the cost of green hydrogen from the current 300-400 rupees/kg to 250-350 rupees/kg. Approximately ¼ of this amount should be allocated to the production of electrolysers, while ¾ to the production of green hydrogen and ammonia.
The production capacity of electrolysers could almost tenfold by 2030 to 15 GW/year. And the production of green hydrogen could reach 5 million tons of green hydrogen per year, with 70% destined for sale on foreign markets.

Source: Reuters