H2A-Lite from NREL

Dec 29, 2022

Hydrogen can be produced using different resources and different technologies. The processes can be thermochemical, electrochemical or biological and are characterized by different Technology Readiness Levels. As the demand for hydrogen is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades, it becomes very important to analyse the environmental and economic performance of different production options.
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has created a model, called H2A-Lite, able to provide a technical-economic vision of the hydrogen production technologies. In particular, it is possible to make an estimate of capital costs, operating costs and revenues based on technical and financial variables. The Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook is the basis for calculating energy and feedstock prices.
This model was created starting from the DOE model called H2A (H2 Analysis) to make it accessible to a wider audience by reducing the number of inputs without losing reliability. It also allows for an assessment of some environmental impacts.
It is a part of a hydrogen analysis tool suite which includes also H2FAST (Hydrogen Financial Analysis Scenario Tool) and you can find here the recording of a webinar regarding these tools.

Source: NREL